The International Space Station could crash because of sanctions against Moscow, Russian space agency Roscosmos warns

The Russian space agency Roscosmos has warned that the Western sanctions against Russia may cause the 500-tone International Space Station to ‘fall’ or ‘land.’


Dmitry Rogozin, the head of Russian space agency Roscosmos called for the ‘illegal’ sanctions to be lifted while adding that the operation of Russian vessels servicing the ISS could be disrupted. 


As a result, the Russian segment of the station – which helps correct its orbit – could be affected, causing the 500-tonne structure to ‘fall down into the sea or onto land’.


Listing the Russian segments’ utilities in Telegram posts, Rogozin said it ‘provides duplication of the life support systems of the American segment’, including those for obtaining oxygen, removing carbon dioxide, and removing harmful impurities from the atmosphere. 


‘Also, Russian means provide backup of voice and telemetry communications of the American segment of the station with ground control points,’ he added.


In one of the posts Rogozin presented a map, saying it was ‘created by American astronomers arguing with me’ but ‘just shows that Russia would least endangered by the destruction of the ISS’.


He warned other countries, ‘including those led by the “dogs of war”‘ should ‘think about the price of the sanctions they initiated against Roscosmos’.

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