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DISCLAIMER: This story is a strict work of fiction that emanated from the imagination of the author. Any real life names, institutions, city or personalities used is not a direct or indirect effort to paint an express image of such person and any resemblance is a fictional coincidence.

Note: All cult names and proceeds used are also imaginary and does not point to any cult or cults


Episode 3

“`The whole sitting room was filled up with boys putting on nothing other than red. Being it top, shorts or cap. The central table was also clothed with a red table lining and a flaming Calabash alongside sticks of red candles burned simultaneously. The room was barely lit as the light that was evident in the house were all red in glory. It was so reddish that without proper observations you won’t recognize the next person besides you.
The hip hop in getting backgrounds was replaced by the songs raised randomly by men as they continued dancing and shouting.
“Genn genn ri genn genn
genn genn ri genn genn oh
Genn genn ri genn genn
genn genn ri genn…”
The call and answer singing manner continued for fifteen minutes from the devil’s time and at the Satan’s hour the number one of the Red Dragon’s confraternity appeared dressed with a red kaftan and a white scarf like that of a Muslim faithful and he wore a red bead like ring on it looking more like Osama Bin Laden. On his neck where necklaces of which had the structure of a dragon spitting out fire and on his right hand a machete and on his left a book they referred to as the tablet of the eleven commandments.

He walked round the gathering as they continued with the gyrations silently he walked slowly while the archman walked alongside. After walking till he was satisfied or maybe the rites has been completed he settled in the middle of the gathering and he raised the hands holding the machete, head high and the god of silence was hallowed from that very minute till it was once more defiled by the straining and bitter voice of Spider the Capon.
“Brave men of the Red Dragon confraternity!” He called out raising the machete in his right hand.
“We Spit fire!” The whole room thundered.
“Brothers of the Red Dragon confraternity!” He called out again.
“We Spit fire!” They replied again.
“Well, this campus has been our air and as it’s dragon nobody has threatened us directly other than our sworn enemies: the white rebels.”
“Gbam!!!” one of the boys in the room replied.
“Their Constitution contradicts ours in all spheres. Their way of life is against us. Their status opposes ours, and for years we have closed our eyes to it. Our ancestors has closed our eyes to it just for peace to rain. But now it is evident they have bitten more than they can chew.”
“Kpakam,” another weed smoking guy commented.
“I the Dragon was touring the land that laid under the sky which I rules. I met an unidentified fellow and I asked for I.D but the guy changed it for me,” he said with great bitterness.”
“Ah! Ah! Somebody wake me up. Abeg wake me up,” Small replied sounding pained.
“I mean this guy took out his gun and pointed it to my face,” Spider continued.
“Taaar!!! Abomination,” Eze popularly called Small the archman of the Red Dragon’s confraternity shouted.
“This guy in the presence. Wait I even dey speak English. I mean this guy spit for my face. He match my tail,” he continued with same bitterness that he has started with.

“Capone! This guy don commit abomination,” Dre started. “And in our Bible in article three and section four subsection eleven states that ‘To forgive is a sin’ abi I dey lie?”
“Bros no b lie… No be lie. I no know why Capone they dull why he never give us address may we do match past?” One of the boys said with anger written in his voice.

“Calm down. As the number one member of his confra I am demanded to uphold our constitution. And in article two section one subsection one states that ‘The name and reputation of this confraternity must be upheld at all times’ and in subsection two of that art and section states that ‘Any intruder that insults this confraternity or it leadership’ subsection eleven of article four must take it cause. And on that note,” he paused and looked at the face of everyone present from the left through the right and from the right through the left.

“I hereby declare article zero against the white rebels confraternity.”
“You are the Capone and your words are law!” Everyone in the building responded.“`

Check back for Episode 4!!

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