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DISCLAIMER: This story is a strict work of fiction that emanated from the imagination of the author. Any real life names, institutions, city or personalities used is not a direct or indirect effort to paint an express image of such person and any resemblance is a fictional coincidence.

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Note: All cult names and proceeds used are also imaginary and does not point to any cult or cults

Rated: 17+


Episode 4

“`He turned and head back to the directions he had come from and the archman(Small) followed suit alongside every other man that made up the three man board that controlled the Red Dragon Confraternity. The Capone, the archman, the striker. What the house needs to hear has been told now the only thing left if feedback of plans from the board through the striker the Chief war man.

The men followed the pace of the Capone and proceeded cautiously counting every step they took as they made for an inner chamber which was in the middle floor of the two storey building. Unlike the ground floor the other floors where blurry. A unique way a large walkway with rooms at either sides and a big room whose entrance was opposite the only entrance to the floor and it stood at the extreme at the opposite end.

The trio walked slowly humming some songs as they were led by the Capone. In no time they were at the entrance to the Red room and with a slight push the door went open to reveal a set of chairs rounding a table all covered with red and a sculpture of dragon with fire burning in it mouth.
They all proceeded to the seat meant for their positions the archman to the right of the Capone and the striker on the left hand side of the Capone. Striker and archman sat down after the Capone did.

Down the stairs the floor has been taken over by song like humming as the awaited the decisions and plans of the board members. The calabash still burned furiously and the boys still sang bitterly.
“Capone, as e be we done declare article zero. What is the plan,” Small the archman asked.
“Capone, na you be the only Dragon Lord that is rugged in this campus. Na u know the kind article zero wey you want. Wether full frontier or maybe just shake table. Tell us,” Jahson the striker said.
“Good. Good.. Good… I no want frontier. We have two sworn enemies in this campus. Let’s make them fight themselves while we watch from afar,” the Capone said and looked at striker.
“Capone I have an idea,” striker said.
The trio walked down to the rest of the house and briefed them of the plan. And it execution sequence.
“We shall fight them in the shadows. We shall fight them without them knowing we are at war,” the striker spoke with an air of authority.
“No body must do anything rash in order not to blow our cover,” he proceeded.
“If any record is reported. Article 4 section 3 subsection 11 shall take it course,” striker stated.
“These are the words of the Capone!”
“He is the Capone and his words are law,”
The floor dissolved and everyone retired to their various rooms.

Back there with the Orua family, a whole lot has been going on since Freedom left for Uniport, Faith and their mother has been working tirelessly in a bid to make out all expenses needed to be ran for Freedom to have a successful stay on campus.

It was that faithful evening as they sat watching the television tiredly as they are already sleeping off slightly when Faith’s phone rang.
“Hello…” “Matric ceremony?… Wow I’m coming” “Okay let me talk to mummy. She is sleeping already… Alright… Bye bye.” Faith hung up and went to wake her mother while she continued to her room there after.“`

Next episode drops tomorrow!!

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