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DISCLAIMER: This story is a strict work of fiction that emanated from the imagination of the author. Any real life names, institutions, city or personalities used is not a direct or indirect effort to paint an express image of such person and any resemblance is a fictional coincidence.

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Note: All cult names and proceeds used are also imaginary and does not point to any cult or cults.

Rated: 17+



Indeed when the frog jumps in the day light it is either it is being chased by something bigger than it or it chasing something. In the face of circumstances a spirit of resilience builds up and strength to continue out of fear of what would be if you loose faith pushes you to try further. Those were the things that kept him going though his strength was failing and his sight was blurry, he could not leave his sister to die.

Freedom continued with tears rolling from his eyes till he made it out to an opening where beam of lights seems to be coming from the other end. His shattered hope returned and merged together. A surge of a new strength came and he pushed forward with his sister on his shoulders. Though he was struggling with her weight. He eventually made it to the main tarred roads on the campus but boom it was too late already that the transport system has gone to rest for the day. He continued on the way till a good Samaritan woman whom saw them stopped and helped them up to the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital. With the help of the woman and some nurses she was laid on a stretcher and taken off to the emergency room of the hospital.

“So young man, who is she to you?’ the woman asked.
“My sister,” Freedom responded as he managed to keep his ass seated on the chair meant for patients relations or caretakers.
“Well I’m Dr. Mrs. Eze and I’m a lecturer in the department of applied physics. Please can you tell me what happened,” the woman question further. At the coming of those words they seemed to have honored Freedom’s glands with water as tears suddenly started dropping from her eyes.
“It all happened so fast,” he started. He ran through every detail with his crying getting louder and attaching passerby and other patients or caretakers seated in the reception.
“They made me rape my only sister… They forced me at gun po… Point…,” He stuttered as the words breaks not just in his mouth but his heart.
Dr. Mrs. Eze whom wasn’t new to the case of rape in the campus was moved by sympathy and consoled him to get a grip of himself. People that were in the room suddenly took turns in saying sorry in different manners and the topic of discussion eventually took an acute change to rape and it effects on the victims and how speedy it has grown in the society lately. After Dr. Mrs. Eze had been able to get Freedom to get hold of himself she asked.
“Have you contacted anyone of your family members?”
“No ma,” Freedom responded. Dr. Mrs. Eze looked at her wrist watch and it was showing some minutes past eleven and she gave it a thought that it would be too ungodly to break such news at that hour.
“First thing tomorrow, we would call any of your parents to invite them over. But for the now I would invite the police over to look at the situation but for the now you need to get your nerves calmed and relaxed,” she said and urged him to sleep if he can. Before she could finish the doctor walked in from the emergency room and asked for anyone standing in for the patient and Dr. Mrs. Eze ad Freedom stood up at once.
“Please Ma’am, you my follow me to my office,” the man dressed in a white coat covering his casual wears with a spectroscope laying round his shoulders. Mrs. Eze did follow as instructed with Freedom following suit.

“Well, good evening ma’am,” the doctor said as she entered with Freedom and closed the door behind her. “You may sit,” he continued pointing to one of the two empty seats on his opposite side of the table.
“Thank you doctor,” Dr. Mrs. Eze responded.
“Ma’am, I’m glad to tell you there is no cause for alarm, she was only suffering from fatigue and lost of blood due to the hymen that was broke and some slight bruises in the virginal,” he said professionally as he maintained eyes contact with Dr. Mrs. Eze.
“Thank God,” Dr. Mrs. Eze said. “Thank you very much Doctor.”
“But ma’am. I’m afraid to say this lady seemed assaulted could you tell me what happened?” The Doctor asked.
“Well, Doctor. I met this young man on the road on campus this night struggling with the girl on his shoulders. Sensing trouble I offered to help and brought them here. He later told me it was a rape by what he described to be gang members,” Dr. Mrs. Eze narrated.
“Wow! Quite pitiful. Have you placed a call through to the police?” The Doctor asked further.
“Yeah, the DPO promised to send his men as early as possible tomorrow morning for proper investigation and also I would contact the mother of the victim by the morning.” “Good… Good… Till then sign here and here,” he said as he slide a document to her and pointed to two different points for her signatures. She did sign and stood up to go after thanking the doctor.
“So on your way out give this to the cashier and make the necessary payments. I would advise you find somewhere to sleep as she is currently asleep,” the doctor said and waved them fair Well.

Watch out for Episode 9!!!

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