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DISCLAIMER: This story is a strict work of fiction that emanated from the imagination of the author. Any real life names, institutions, city or personalities used is not a direct or indirect effort to paint an express image of such person and any resemblance is a fictional coincidence.

Note: All cult names and proceeds used are also imaginary and does not point to any cult or cults.

Episode Two

It was a hot afternoon in freshly born semester. Students fellowships we’re still busy with their Catch Them Young(CTY), returning students were on the look out for new catch as girlfriends and also the Muslim groups were out looking for their members in order to unite and continue the fellowship the way it has been. As legal bodies go about with their CTY so also the brothers in the underground were on the look out for their possible members. It did not take long after the resumption that the freshman orientation of the school was fixed by it management through the Students’ Affairs Division. The program was aimed towards educating the eager new students of the goods and the bads on campus and the best possible ways to sale through the tides on campus without getting drowned by it tempest that nay arise in different forms like failure, peer pressure, examination malpractice, cultism, alcoholism, lack of focus, depression and relationship failures. The speech by the DSA Uniport was an excellent one and was capable of pulling any soul together and position them for greatness. And same was the care of Fred, he was as motivated an determined for greatness.

Two weeks before
Location: Xixa Eatery Uniport Main Campus

“`Blazo draws in a long breathe of smoke from the hemp he had in between his fingers and popped the smoke off into spider’s face.
“Who you be for this campus?” He said as he stood up holding his Indian hemp in his left hands and pointing it to spider.
“As in I mean who give your mama belle wen you take dey tell me may me Blazon ID for this small campus?” He spoke on more angered why spider looked him with equal courage.
“If you want Sabi who I be for this campus. Sing any anthem for my ear. Make I tell you the pledge with the ratatata when dey my idol,” he concluded shouting as he revealed a black curved metal that has the capacity of recoiling and sending smaller metals through any body: it a gun. Spider seeing this brought out his own gun and they pointed both at each others face.
“For this campus. Watch your lane may I crack my own. But this fire when you light. I go follow you jollificate on top am.” Those were the words of spider as he backed off with his gun still pointed at Blazon till he went out of sight.

Immediately Spider was out of sight, Blazon tucked his gun inside his trousers hanging on his belt and covered it with his shirt. People that were watching around immediately faced their respective businesses. Spider looked both side and walked off looking so cautiously as he walked away. It was obvious this wasn’t the first time of beholding a scene like that on the campus as everybody looked with no pint of surprise except for few freshmen that had to turn away immediately.

Spider walked off in a hurry and waved down a taxi immediately he emerged from the bush part that leads out of the campus. He entered and off the Toyota Corolla zoomed off and joined the traffic.
“Hello. Striker. Odudu don kele. Tell men to fall out. No no be those ones. Na this morning White Cats,” Spider dropped the call and immediately dialed another number.

” The jungle is filled with blood from the eyes of the Lion. Be guided. Tell everybody,” he spoke again and hung up. He continued with series of calls as he points out directions at different points for the chauffeur. In no time the car pulled up in front of a fenced building with an inscription please keep off.

The all round tiled storey building was standing quite a distance away from the entrance. Spider gave him two thousand Naira notes and walked off back to the gate that they have slightly driven passed.

“Oga! You no collect your change oh!” The frightened driver said as he stretched seven hundred Naira through the windscreen. Spider cared less and continued to the gate and the driver then sped off.

He made a two speedy knock followed by a three slow knock and then a two speedy knocks. That was all he needed before someone handled the lock on the other side and he stepped back to await the gate to be opened. And open the gate did. He squeezed him self through the space and walked past the half dressed guy with an M16 rifle resting on his shoulders. But not without hitting their knuckles in a unique manner.
He walked through to another gigantic gate. But this time he whistled before tapping on the gate. It didn’t take long either before the small gate opened and the same knuckles pattern were observed. The door gave way to a handful of young men. Some busy with the gym, while other pop smoke to the air and others reduce the quantity of the liquor in the bottle before them. As he stepped in and walked towards the entrance to the building, one of the boys shouted.

“And the lion in the tribe of gallant men is in the building.”
All he did was to tap his folded fist on his chest three times while the others did same and he walked away giving contact knuckles to the man in the gate.
He walked off to the door and as he was setting it ajar he paused and looked at the man in the gate.

“Jazzman. May every carried man jam me for Church by 7:59 devil’s time,” Spider said and dropped behind the door while the guy opened the door to announce the words.
Each time the devil’s time is added to any schedule it is obvious it is on a war level and according to the Constitution absence is betrayal to the brotherhood and lateness attracts a fine.
Time: 7:59pm. Location: The Red Dragon Temple
Hip pop blasts in the background… Red berets everywhere…“`

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