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DISCLAIMER: This story is a strict work of fiction that emanated from the imagination of the author. Any real life names, institutions, city or personalities used is not a direct or indirect effort to paint an express image of such person and any resemblance is a fictional coincidence.

Note: All cult names and proceeds used are also imaginary and does not point to any cult or cult groups.

Rated: 17+


Episode 19

The war song has been raised and the lyrics are dancing in the lips of all the rugged men in the fields. The men of the White Rebels Confraternity has all fallen back to base likewise all members of the Red Dragon Confraternity.

The Red Dragon Confraternity summoned a round table meeting with it leadership deep inside the red Chambers while all gallant men were downstairs either oiling guns, filling blades, smoking weed or drinking mokite. All they needed was a line of action and they are red. There was no baptised man that don’t know that these are times that no man walks alone nor any one walks without looking at his back. As an open war has been declared by both side.

“As e dey them don write us letter with our own blood. Abeg how we want write our reply?” Spider continued.
“Capone! Bamest greetings to you. Capone an eye for an eye.” Stryker said

“Good! But this time an eye and a tooth for an eye,” Spider replied. “Pikin wen match snake no go know waiting he match till e bite am.”

“So we hit back. Golli must fall. Blood must flow.” Stryker spoke up again.

“Stryker!” “Capone!” “The hit may e no pass tomorrow. An eye and a tooth.”
“You’re the Capone and your words are law!”

The Red Dragon Confraternity launched a major attack on the patrons of the White Rebels Confraternity but to no avail as most have deserted their campus staff residents and had fled into hiding. Since the afternoon hit was a waste and the other still stood that the day must not end without a reply being sent to the White Rebels. Without hesitation they went on extra mile in a bid to abide by the law. They resorted to attacking close friends or possibly ralatives to members of the White Rebels.

Over the Saturday to Sunday night the members of the White Rebels Confraternity in the thickest of forest with her spiritual Lord for fortifications in preparation for the pending wars. The red Dragons were not left out as they also conducted their own fortifications. In the early hours of Sunday Blazon was not comfortable. Something was definitely wrong but he could not say his hands on it. After hours it occurred to him that his cousin was still on campus and could be a possible target for the red Dragons. He picked his phone and placed her on a call. The phone continued ringing and ringing time was finally picked up and all he heard was

“No one messes with the dragon and don’t get burn by it’s fire”
Before he could say “don’t touch her” the phone was dead. He called back but to no avail. He dashed into his room and returned with his gangsta rapid fire gun alongside a beat 1911 pistol on his belt from the back while he held the gangsta in his hands. Slice he Hitman that had not left his presence since the declaration of the war followed him and entered the front seat with him while six other boys entered another car and they sped out of the White Rebels Hood. They arrived to meet a crowd of mourners in the Celebrities Hostel in the off campus axis of uniport. Blazon and slice dashed into the compound leaving the boys in the car but not with their weapons brandished. They arrived to see a Hannah lying in a pool of her own blood with one of her breasts missing and an inscription on the wall.
“The Genesis has not come!”

All Blazon could do was shout “No! No! No!” As he barked off from the corpse.
They said no words to any of the mourners as they backed off from the scene and returned to their car but this time Slice took the drivers seat as the Capone was in no good shape to drive. The white Rebels returned home angrier and sad.
For days Blazon took no water no ate anything. All he did was gulp the fluids in a Black label bottle down his throat bottle after bottle. It was the third day and he was on the 5th bottle at 1pm. As he was about opening the sixth slice held it and Blazon raised his blood shot eyes to meet his scary own.

“Slice…!” He Blazon called out drunkenly.

“Capone!” Slice the Hitman responded.

“Hannah done pki abi? I don kill her.” He said this time not just drunkenly but almost crying but he dried his tears before they formed.

“I don allow Spider use my cousin shine! For this small campus!” He said bitterly.

“Allow me waste. Allow me waste.” He said as he made to drag the bottle from his hand but Slice still held it as firm as he did when he stopped him.

“Capone! Waitin dey occur? You don forget who you be?” Slice spoke up.
“You! Waste? How? Kole work!” “Capone thousand men were declared dead when they crossed your lane.” “Capone all we need is your sober command and we shall make it a law all through the land of uniport.”

“Capone come down from this room you go see say thousands of RUGGED men are waiting for the kind of the land to make his declaration.”

“You are the Capone and your words are law. Capone! Remember when this same Red Dragon killed your brother! You went through it. Your mother died in an accident, you still no waste. Your pileh you no grow meet am yet you strong. Capone you no fit waste.”

“Capone the whole of the rugged men awaits your order as your loyal soldiers.” At this words he reased the bottle and walked off.

Blazon could not continue with the drinking. He has lost his brother to the Red Dragon Confraternity as a freshman cultist. He had not had the full opportunity to avenge him. Maybe this is the time.”

“He stood up in a bid to move but all he did was collapse. He woke up to behold the strong fearless eyes of Slice piercing through him. He wasn’t in the hospital bed but a nurse was tending to him. After he was sound enough t an extent he removed the drips himself and staggered down to meet a silent floor of rugged men awaiting his commands.

“Arise for your Capone comment!” Slice announced. The full house arouse and he came in to the center of the room.

“I am the Capone!” He started weekly.
“And your words are law!” They responded.

“These are my words. Spare no red Dragon. Full frontal. Full massacre. I am the Capone!”

“And your words are law.” They all responded again and the nurse that had supported him downstairs helped him back.

“You heard your Capone!”


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