[Music Video] Burna Boy – Monsters You Made


Here is the official music video of “Monsters You Made” where Burna Boy teamed up with Chris Martin of Cold Play.


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Calling me a Monster,
Calling us fake, no way no way
Calling me a Monster, just cus we say

[Verse 1 – Burna Boy]
We’re from the block where it rains
Where we create barricades
Keep opposition away
That’s why we are strapped with the K’s
Don’t get kidnapped from your place
Cuz it could happen today
Not knowing how to behave
That is a sign that you may
Just loose your life what a waste
Your body found in a lake
You fucked around and the fisherman found you drowning for days
You know we come from a place
Where people smile but it is fake
How could they smile if you look around they are surrounded by pain
I’ve seen the sky turn to grey
It took the light from the day
It’s like the heads of the state
Ain’t comprehending the hate
That the oppressed generate
When they’ve been working like slaves
To get some minimum wage
You turn around and you blame
Them for their anger and rage
Put them in shackles and chains
Because of what they became


Watch here…

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