[Health] 12 Yoga Poses To Improve Your Body Flexibility

Flexibility is a key component of physical fitness. Cardio and strength training are on most people’s radar, but flexibility often isn’t until pain or injury arises. When they do, the treatment frequently involves stretching tight muscles that are limiting range of motion and putting stress on vulnerable areas like the joints.

We must also mention the mental benefits of increasing your flexibility. Flexibility is improved through stretching and stretching feels good. When you stretch, you relieve stress by releasing tension. Where the body goes, the mind follows. When you let go of physical tension, you also let go of mental tension. That’s one of the reasons yoga is so good at reducing stress, alleviating insomnia, and increasing a sense of well-being.

The latest statistics show that improving flexibility is the most popular reason for starting yoga, and research does p that it’s one of t biggest benefits of regular practice.

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