Fast & Furious: Why Han Is Always Eating In The Movies

Aside from his driving skills, Fast & Furious’ Han is also is known for another interesting trait – he’s always eating. What’s the reason for this?

Han Lue (Sung Kang) is always eating in his non-driving scenes in Fast & Furious movies, but why? After his presumed death in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, the prolific driver is rejoining Dom’s (Vin Diesel) gang for Fast & Furious 9This has renewed interest in the character, including some of his notable quirks as seen in the franchise.

The character was originally introduced as Sean Boswell’s (Lucas Black) mentor in the Japan-set installment, although Han’s origin story was properly chronicled in Justin Lin’s Better Luck Tomorrow. The confusing chronological order of the Fast & Furious films allowed Han to return in the Fast & FuriousFast Five, and Fast & Furious 6 before his apparent death in Tokyo Drift. It was only in Furious 7  that it was revealed that Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) was behind Han’s supposed death in an effort to avenge what happened to his brother, Owen (Luke Evans).

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Now, Han is set to return to the Fast & Furious franchise after a couple of years out via F9. Details about how this will pan out are still scarce, with the film’s marketing leaning on the mystery. The first trailer revealed the character casually walking in Dom’s hideout, with some snacks in his hands. Han popping some chips on his way to meet his crew after being supposedly dead in the last few years doesn’t seem to convey the emotional gravitas of said scene. Nevertheless, it’s also unmistakably Han as he’s known for snacking all the time – but what really started this habit?

According to Fast & Furious canon, Han’s penchant for munching stems from his past as a chain smoker. His deceased girlfriend, Giselle (Gal Gadot) explains that to help him permanently curb this bad habit, Han constantly needed to have something for his hands to do. It just turns out that snacking is the easiest way to keep his hands busy whenever, wherever. This means that Han’s regular eating isn’t so much about wanting to constantly eat something, but as a way to distract him from wanting a cigarette. Over the years, he just adopted the habit, which is obviously a far better one than chain-smoking.

For Lin, who created the character, Han’s eating is an integral part of his identity as the director told EW. Known as the silent observer in Dom’s crew, Han typically lurks in one corner, giving him the vibe of aloofness. Couple that with his constant eating and it makes him look more indifferent to everything that’s happening around him – this allows him to quietly gauge any situation that they’re in. This coolness is also a novelty in pressure-packed situations – something that the Fast & Furious franchise thrives in making him a great addition to the car-loving team.

Han’s fate past F9 is still unknown. After the upcoming movie, there’s still one more entry in the main Fast & Furious saga, but when it’ll release is still unclear considering how the coronavirus pandemic already pushed back the Hollywood blockbuster schedule. Given that, narrative details about that project are still under wraps. While there’s no guarantee if fans will see Han again moving forward, they can look forward to him eating some more in F9, of course on top of finally getting the justice he deserves for his supposed death in Tokyo Drift.

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