APRIL – LALALILALA (Official Music Video)

On 22 April 2020, DSP Media’s 6-member girl-group APRIL released their 7th Mini Album (EP) titled “Da Capo”, which translates to ‘from the beginning’. The EP lists 6 tracks including the title track ‘Lalalilala’ as well as pre-released CD-only track ‘Matter of time’.

The title ‘Lalalilala’ is written, composed and arranged by moonc and Kang Myeong-sin. The song lies in the dance-pop genre. One can easily notice the EDM influences in the song, with elements of techno synths as well as acoustic sequences. As for the lyrics, they are about dreaming of a certain someone, while also referring to them as their star. It is an upbeat love song to aid your dance steps.

The music video, owing to the genre of the song, is more performance-focused, though it does follow a concept. The members are seen in various settings as a part of a simulated dream, from which they wake up looking terrified.

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Watch the music video for April’s Lalalilala :

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